Brad Clawsie


Builder of online services from concept through to delivery for the highest tier of scaling needs in the industry, with experience in every segment of the product stack from uptime-critical backend systems and devops to team leadership and strategic planning. I work at the intersection of design, architecture, implementation, planning and operations. I actively participate in open source communities.

Skills and Strengths

Professional Experience Highlights

Cisco Systems Remote from Austin, TX
October 2019-present

Cruise Automation San Francisco, CA (remote from Austin, TX)
March 2018-March 2019

ThinAir Inc
Mountain View, CA

Advanced Innovations Group, IBM Inc.
San Jose, CA
Oct 2015-2017

SmugMug Inc.
Mountain View, CA
Feb 2009-Oct 2015

Yahoo! Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA
May 1996-Feb 2009

Passage Systems
Cupertino, CA
October 1995-May 1996

MicroStar Systems
Nepean, Ontario, Canada
December 1994-October 1995



B.Sc Computer Science, Queen's University, Kingston Ontario, Canada 1994.

I am a naturalized US citizen.