chicken configs on freebsd

To save other users of chicken scheme on freebsd the hassle of recalling the steps to bootstrap your environment on a new box:

# assuming you keep your eggs in $HOME/eggs
$ pushd /usr/ports/lang/chicken; sudo make install; popd
$ mkdir $HOME/eggs
# bootstrap your eggs dir
$ chicken-install -i $HOME/eggs
$ chicken-install -p $HOME/eggs readline
$ chicken-install -p $HOME/eggs regex
# feel like this is somehow wrong, but I had to do it
$ cd $HOME/eggs
$ mv *.* lib/chicken/6
# make sure to also put this in your shell .rc
$ export CHICKEN_REPOSITORY=$HOME/eggs/lib/chicken/6

now make sure you have your .csirc file set to use readline and regex or you won't have much fun:


last update 2011-08-14