Thoughts on Perl6 and Contributions

I've been devouring everything Perl6 I can get my hands on and so far it has been a great deal of fun. "-Ofun" is what they say Perl6 is optimized for, and it really rings true.

We've got plenty of useful, safe industrial languages like Go, Rust, Java and C#. Python carved out the we-like-it-boring niche for scripting. C, C++ and Javascript....just are. What hasn't received nearly enough attention is having fun, exploring the weird, and crossing the streams. If you miss this part of programming, Perl6 is for you!

The fun of Perl has always been in finding the magic hidden in little corners of the language. So it really isn't worth trying to explain Perl6 here. I recommend the following, in order:

  1. Learn X in Y Minutes: Perl6
  2. Perl6 Official Docs

It really is important that you read the 5to6 pages on the last link first, they provide a nice entry point for Perl5 programmers.

I have also made some initial contributions to the Perl6 Modules list:

last update 2016-01-03