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I'm Brad Clawsie. you can contact me at: brad@b7j0c.org

Please see my online resume (as pdf).

I have a blog.

I have profiles on various stackexchange sites as well, and periodically contribute.

Community Education

Intellectual Property

Opensource contributions


Here is my public gpg key.

The fingerprint is

B1C1 F146 2CE7 6E5F 2D99 4FB3 D817 E42D CCB5 AB08

This was created in March 2017.

What is the significance of the name of this domain?

Nothing. I have simply mixed my initials with the last two digits of my year of birth. This is a short string that still seems to be available at any service I might want to use.

This site was built with linux, freebsd, nginx, emacs and git. Here is one assessment of this site's security.

This site content is free

See my bsd license for source code. The rest of the written site contents are licensed with the creative commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

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